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Write without worrying, and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also describe your journey, you impressions from Bulgaria or other places you have visited. So you help others like you to visit places that are not visited until now and also to protect them from the surprises they may encounter along the way.

You can write anything you have experienced in our neighboring Balkan countries about the customs, laws, food, hotels and everything else that impressed you.

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We had rent a car for a road trip between Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. Everything was great. They always answered really fast, the communication was really easy. The car was in perfect conditions and they was extremely kind when we return the car. We strongly recommend them.

Unregistered User (Ainhoa): 11.06.2017 / 14:04
Dear Madam, dear Sir!
The blue Opel Vitaro supported us so well and has been such a great blessing to us!
..... 6 days later, back from Bulgaria

Unregistered User (Siedo Westra ): 10.03.2017 / 09:28
Very easy to order car
Paul Gilbert (driver): 12.07.2016 / 08:36
Val Kar service are extremely good! Rent a 8+1 seater van for me and my family to travel around Balkans, the car were in good conditions. Even though we encountered with damaged radiator with the first van, they replace it in no time. I am grateful with their service. Highly recommended! Greetings from Malaysia! I am one of your satisfied customer!
Unregistered User (Zanariah Mohammad): 22.02.2016 / 05:30
Новият ви сайт е много хубав. За колите и обслужването - само добри думи. Благодаря, че налагате висок стандарт в този бранш. Желая ви много успешен бизнес занапред.
Unregistered User (журналист): 09.02.2016 / 13:15
bravo nikakvi problemi . do dogodina
Unregistered User (petko petkov ): 09.01.2016 / 15:39
What is diffrence between sw and hatchback?
Unregistered User (software eng): 02.11.2015 / 18:31
hubavi koli na dobri ceni !
I malko har4at !

Unregistered User (ianko): 02.07.2015 / 14:58
Кога ще се пуска руската версия?
Unregistered User (driver): 26.06.2015 / 18:32
Very expensive for traveling abroad!
Unregistered User (Programmer): 12.06.2015 / 15:51

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