RENTAL Company called LESSOR rents the car /vehicle/ to the RENTER under following conditions:
1.1 The vehicle is delivered to the RENTER in good condition with all obligatory equipment, demanded by the Traffic Police and described in the DELIVERY-AND-RETURN synallagmatically signed protocol, inseparable part of the contract, under which conditions the return of the car takes place. The RENTER is obliged to return the vehicle in the same good condition, verified in the Delivery-and-Return protocol, with all committed to him documents, at the time and location fixed in the agreement.
1.2 In case of not meeting the deadline of the car return by the Renter, he/she is obliged to inform the Lessor not later than the fixed time. In case of delay more than 2 days the Renter is obliged to sign up new contract.
1.3 In case of not returning the rented vehicle by the Renter and not informing the Lessor within more than 24 hours from the deadline, the car is considered to be appropriated and the Lessor will inform the competent authorities, reserving all the rights according to this contract.
1.4 If you keep the car less time than the booked /sign up in the contract/, the LESSOR agency will charge you full rental term. There is no reduction or refund a difference for shorter RENTER /unused days/. Note, that we can make an exception for terms over 10 days. The service will be charged according official daily rate for the shorter period. The RENTER will receive 50% refund on return from difference between total amounts. Between 01.07 and 31.08, your payment is not refundable.
2. DAMAGES, LOSSES, THEFTS AND OTHERS The car you have rented from RENTER is insured !
2.1 In case of damages, losses or thefts of the vehicle or parts of it, as well as by fire or glass breaking, the Renter is obliged immediately to call the LESSOR office and the Insurance Company on the following telephones: 0878 702044; 02 958 93 04
2.2 In case the car is stolen, or in case of damages, you have to take the following actions, which are absolutely compulsory:
а) Immediately /no later than 12 hours of theft identification/ to call the Insurance Company. To advise the LESSOR rental office indicated on the leaflet to the respective phone numbers
b) To document the theft or damage to the local police department, in charge of the area where the theft has occurred and demand from them a document of theft acknowledgment.
c) In case of theft, to return to LESSOR office the registration card and the keys of the car which is absolutely compulsory.
d) The Renter has to pay full damage to the Lessor in case, when have cased technical damages to the rented vehicle, because of negligence or deliberate, as well as in case of overheated motor, which is considered as driver negligence. Overheating is rated of a value between EUR 1000-3000, depending on the group of a vehicle.
e) Damages of tires and/or wheels wheel rims and hubcaps in most cases are not covered by the insurance and has to be paid by the Renter.
f) In case of an accident in consequence of the renter's fault, notwithstanding of the Auto Casco insurance /CDW/, the renter is obliged to pay compensation for loss of opportunity and causing damages, amounting to the deposit. In case of an accident administrative fee of min. 50 euros excl. VAT and depending of the damage will apply for processing insurance documents and damage removal.
g) Small damages not exceeding 50 euros are Renters responsibility. You should not leave the registration card and other documents in the car. Otherwise, all insurances will become null and void.
2.3 The Renter assumes the liability in respect of damages to third persons if caused trough his /her fault and he/ she is obliged with the sum, paid by "Civil responsibility insurance" within the terms of the prescription, if the regression claim is accepted in accordance with clause 19 from the Regulation of compulsory insurance.
2.4 In case of loss, invalidation or theft of the vehicle certificate, documents, key or license plate, the Renter will pay default equal to five days rental fee, as well as the value of the lost or damaged item.
3.1 The rental fee of the vehicle is based on the rental price of one-day use, determined by a tariff, inseparable part of the contract, according to the rental period. The fee is to be paid at the moment of car delivery, with the undersigning of Delivery-and-Return protocol.
3.2 With the contract signing the Renter is obliged to leave a deposit, according to the tariff. The deposit is released after returning of the vehicle. In case of vehicle returning with missing parts, damages or thefts, and the Renter doesn't have the relevant documents from the police, as well as when the car is without a fuel or with less fuel than stipulated in the DELIVERY-AND-RETURN protocol, the total value is deducted from the deposit. Any missing fuel must be paid by the Renter by the actual fuel price for the day plus penalty fee of 10 euros.
4.1 The Lessor is obligated to deliver the vehicle to the Renter with all the needed by the law equipment /spare tyre, key, jack, first aid kit, fire-extinguisher, triangle reflector, reflective jacket/
4.2 The Lessor has the obligation to pay the expences made of the Renter for spare parts, only if the Renter has taken lessors permission and shows an official document /invoice/.
4.3 The Lessor is liable for damages, caused to the Renter or third persons, resulting from technical faults of the committed vehicle, proved by independent technical experts, which the guilty side must pay.
4.4 The Lessor is not responsible for damages in case of poor quality of the fuel.
5.1 The Renter is obliged:
a) to use the vehicle appropriately and to take good care of it.
b) To look for the level of the oil, the water and breaks fluid
c) in case of accident, damage or failure to undertake all due precautions for saving, limiting and/or reducing of the damages to the rented vehicle.
d) in case of accident or damage to the vehicle, excluding small incidents, to observe the regulations of the Traffic Law and its enforcement concerning drawing up protocols and other documents. Any accident/damage to the car must be reported to the Lessor within 12 hours, but not later than the expiration of the fixed term in the contract. The Renter will report all facts, circumstances and data /names or witnesses etc./ and will assist the Lessor and the insurance company in clarifying the incident and the damages.
5.2 The Renter is not allowed:
a) to use the vehicle for towing other vehicles, trailers, as well to participate in motor races, practices, trainings, tests; to transport heavy, loose goods and other loads.
b) to drive the rented vehicle in a state of intoxication or after using drugs or other opiates.
c) to dispose the vehicle to other persons, to use the vehicle for travelling abroad.
5.3 The Renter must prossess a valid driving licence. At least 3 years driving experience is a must. The minimum driving age required is 21 years.
5.4 By violating of the regulations in clause.5.1-5.3, all insurances may not release the Renter from paying indemnities.
5.5 The Renter has to be aware that signing this document, his/her personal data may be used for bearing criminal and civil liability.
5.6 By signing the present Contract for vehicle lease, the Lessor agrees that all and every fines and fees, imposed under any penal provision or acts against him, in the period of the vehicle rental, on the grounds of infringements under the Road Traffic Act and the Rules of Implementation of the Road Traffic Act, decreed by the Bodies of KAT (Road Police), to be paid by the Lessor through withdrawing of amounts of money by him from the credit card and/or the deposit of the Renter under this Contract.
5.7 For the performed payments under item 5.6. the Lessor is obliged, within a period of three days as of the date of receipt of the respective penal provision or act in LESSOR office, to inform the Renter for the performed payment in written.
5.8 In connection with item 5.6. above, the Lessor preserves his rights, when giving the deposit back, to keep the amount of money from EUR 20 to EUR 500 from the Renter's credit card or deposit, for the period of not more than 30 days as of the date of the vehicle return under the conditions of this Contract and in compliance with the amount upon the penal provision or act.
5.9 The renter chooses the fuel policy beforehand and is noted in the contract prior to renting the car.
6.1 All amendments and additional clauses in the contract , as well as all the documents concerning its implementation are in force if made in written form and signed up by authorized representatives of both sides.
6.2 All disagreements concerning the conclusion, implementation and termination of the contract are solved by both negotiating sides or by the competent authorities in the Court.
6.3 The orders in clause 228-229 from the Law for Liabilities and Contracts will be applied to any unsettled and resulting from the contract cases. The contract is signed up in two undiversified copies - each for both sides. Inseparable parts of the contract are the Delivery-and-Return protocol and the tariff.

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