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Call Now: +359 878 400 123
Important telephone numbers:
112 - National Emergency Number
150 – First Aid
160 – Fire brigade
166 – Police
165 – Traffic police - Auto accidents

From the phone unit in your room you may contact the number you wish by direct dialling.
0123 - operator for international calls (if no direct phone call is possible)
1286, 983 308 - Road Assistance
75 361 - Institute for Treatment of Foreign Citizens
798 035 - Sofia Airport - International Flights
722 414 - Sofia Airport - Domestic Flights
121 - operator for long-distance calls within the country
140 - sending of telegrams
144 - telephone information service for office phone numbers
145 - telephone information service for home numbers
146 - Emergency Road Service
150 - Emergency Medical Aid
166 - Police/Road patrols
175 - weather forecast
180 - exact time ("speaking" clock)
Bulgaria is situated in Southeast Europe and occupies an area of 111 000 in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The average altitude is 470 m and the Black Sea coast is about 380 km long.
- Moderate continental with Black Sea influence in the east and Mediterranean n the south.
- The climate in Northern Bulgaria is moderate continental, while the climate in Southern Bulgaria is intermediate continental tending to Mediterranean. The climate along the Black Sea coast it is maritime. The climate of the seaside regions is milder in the winter and cooler in the summer than the climate of the interior of the country. The average annual temperature is 10.5 °C, in winter about 0°C (the lowest temperature - 38.3°C - was measured in 1947). Average summer temperatures rarely exceed 30°C.
- Marked by four distinct seasons, Bulgaria enjoys a generally favorable climate that is one of the country's best features. Although located at the same latitude as southern New England, Bulgaria's climate is noticeably more temperate. Summers are typically hot and dry, but rarely oppressive, with moderate relative humidity. Winters are cold but not bitterly so. In the south and Black Sea coastal regions, Mediterranean influences temper the harsher continental climate of the interior. The country's half-dozen mountain groups also play a significant part in determining regional variances.
Population: 7,973, 673 (2001)
Capital city: Sofia
Official language: Bulgarian
Alphabet: Cyrillic, Bulgarian language and alphabet
Bulgarian Lev (BGN), which is divided into 100 stotinkas. All payments should be made in national currency. Banknotes and coins currently in use:
Notes: BGN 100, BGN 20, BGN 10, BGN 5, BGN 5
Coins: BGN 1, 50 stotinkas, 20 stotinkas, 10 stotinkas, 5 stotinkas, 2 stotinkas, 1 stotinka.
The Bulgarian Lev is not traded internationally. Commercial Banks will quote daily exchange rates for the BGN against all major foreign currencies.
There is freedom of religious confessions. Traditional religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity
State system:
A parliamentary republic with a one-chamber parliament (National Assembly), consisting of 240 national representatives, elected for a four-year term of service. The head of state of the republic is the President, elected for a five-year term of service. The Council of Ministers is the main body of executive power.
Bulgaria has been an associated member of the European Union (EU) since 1992. In 1997 an agreement was signed with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for economic stabilization and for the carrying through of economic reforms in the country. A currency board was introduced. The national monetary unit has been referred to the EURO. A structural reform is underway aimed at an economic growth, a functioning market economy and at paving the way for foreign investments in the country.
Transport: Railway, automobile, air and water
International automobile sign: BG
International telephone code: +359
Time difference:
- Winter time: GMT + 2 hours(October through March)
- Summer time: GMT + 3 hours (April through September)
(daylight saving system operates)
Public holidays:
- January 1 - New Year
- March 3 - National day of the Liberation from Ottoman Domination
- Easter - Two days (Sunday and Monday) according to the Orthodox calendar
- May 6 - St. George's Day
- May 24 - the Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and Slav Script
- September 6 - National Day of Bulgaria's Reunion in the year of 1885
- September 22 - Independence Day
- November 1 - Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders
- December 24-26 - Christmas Eve and Christmas
- December 31 - New Year's Eve

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