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Our fleet is insured with all required and necessary insurance in Bulgaria.

To reduce excess to the amount of the deposit you have to pay Super Cover for Damages and Super Theft Protection.

The Insurance "third party liability" is mandatory for all registered vehicles in the territory of Bulgaria.
The Insurance " third party liability" covers the liability of owners and drivers they have caused personal injuries and / or death and / or property damage to third parties for which they are responsible under the law.

• Insured persons
Insured persons are: the owner of the vehicle, for which there is valid insurance contracts, and any person using the vehicle legally.

• Territorial validity
Compulsory insurance "third party liability" of motorists cover liability of the insured for damages caused in the territory of - Republic of Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria - each Member State of the Union and the countries belonging to the European Economic Area - third country where damages were caused to individuals by a Member of the European Union travel between the territories of two Member States of the European Union, and provided that there is no national insurers' bureau, which is responsible for this territory.
Period of Insurances "liability" is valid for one year. Principal applies to all vehicles that will not leave the territory of Bulgaria and the second when the vehicles will leave the country. If the policy for "liability" is concluded only valid for Bulgaria, it is possible surcharge, which extends the insurance cover and make it valid throughout the European Union and / or other countries.
When traveling in countries outside the European Union issued a certificate "Green Card".

Vehicle insurance provides full cover of the vehicle against fire, theft, malicious acts of third parties, natural disasters, traffic accidents, including damage in parked position and not excluded other events leading to partial damage or complete loss of vehicle.

The insurance may be valid for the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad (EU and Member States INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT GREEN CARD) no matter where it is contracted civil responsibility. In certain countries the risk is off theft (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo).
Insurers now offer free coverage abroad.

• Upon the occurrence of an insurance event
Insured must strictly comply with the requirements, described in the Terms of vehicle insurance:
1. immediately notify the competent authorities (police, Fire and Emergency Safety Mobile Group order specified by the insurer, etc.)
2. to notify the insurer, subject to the terms described in Terms of insurance
3. to provide a view of the damaged vehicle to the insurer without interfering in the damage

• IMPORTANT TIPS - If damage occur, does not interfere the damaged before pretending to the insurer.
- If lost or stolen key, remote control , registration certificate or plates, immediately notify the Police and get a statement. Notify the insurer within 24 hours.
- Do not leave / forget keys, dokuments, insurance policy and the panel of radio equipment in vehicles.
- Do not leave vehicles unlocked with open windows or hatches, lids or doors, a roof (if convertible), with the alarm system not activated, even though it may be absent for a seconds!
- All persons operating the insured vehicle must hold a valid driving license for the category of car and observe the Laws of Road Traffic;
- Manage the car only on the Republican road network, do not enter flooded areas or roads closed for traffic and signaling for this purpose road sections.
- Keep and use the insured vehicle with due diligence.
- Keep it in good condition, take all ordinary and reasonable precautions and measures to protect your vehicle from damage.
- Notify any change in the Insurance (change of address, purchase, donation, exchange, change in use of vehicles, etc.)...

Auto Assistance insurance is offered by some insurance companies for assistance in the event of an accident if you travel by car. If an event of injury or accident occurs, the insurance company offers phone emergency center, where you can call and get instructions and help. The insurance is designed to help and pay the cost of hotel accommodation and transportation in the event of any incident

• Territorial validity
Vehicle assistance insurance may be valid only in Bulgaria or abroad.

• Period of insurance
The standard period of insurance "Avtoasistans" is 1 year. Insurance cover "Auto Assistance"

In an insured event occurs, insurance companies cover the following costs:
- For transportation to the center for emergency medical assistance to the driver and occupants
- Repatriation to a hospital or home for passengers in the car - for repatriation of remains in case of death
- Transportation of passengers from the scene of the accident to the nearest populated point and booking of tickets for public transport for their further transportation
- Emergency medical care due to accidents
- To provide technical assistance and transporting the vehicle to the nearest suitable parking - hotel
- To ensure transportation of the vehicle and / or its attachments to their devices based in the insurer provides a backup driver in case the driver of the car was injured in accident.
Information about car rental insurance in Bulgarian
Information about car rental insurance in German
Information about car rental insurance in Russian
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Information about car rental insurance in French
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