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Family Road Trip


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Road Trip with Kids

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? It’s easy to avoid this nagging question and other travel pitfalls when you hit the road with little ones – all it takes is a little planning and creativity. Here are a few easy ideas for keeping kids distracted and your sanity intact:
• Kids’ Journals. This is great idea for keeping your children occupied, not to mention create a cherished keepsake for them later in life. Encourage your kids to draw pictures of what they see and write a few notes about it. All it takes is a few spiral notepads and crayons, and you’re ready to go.
• Travel Backpacks. An inexpensive new travel backpack (perhaps with your child’s favorite character) will not only delight your kids, but will include them in the packing for the trip. Have your kids collect their favorite things (toys, snacks, books, etc.) to take along on the road.
• Surprise! Pack some items your kids don’t know about, so you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve in case of a meltdown.
• Fun Bathroom Breaks. Making frequent “pit stops” is just part of the deal. Choose fun places like parks or restaurants with play areas so the kids can stretch their legs.
• Classic Road Games. Have a few games in mind before you hit the road. Classics like the license plate game, where you see how many license plates from other states you can spot, or a scavenger hunt filled with things you might see on the road are always fun options.
• Movie Time. Unless you feel strongly that putting on a movie in the car interrupts family time, it’s a great way to kill an hour or two, especially on very long trips. Consider buying a couple personal DVD players – or purchase some backseat DVD players for your vehicle.
• Rent a Minivan or SUV. While your car may be great for running errands and taking the kids to school, a minivan or SUV offers a lot of extra space for your kids and your luggage. Best of all, when you rent these types of vehicles, some even come with built-in DVD players.

By following these simple tips, you’ll make family travel fun and stress free.

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