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Driving Style Costing You at the Pump


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Is Your Driving Style Costing You at the Pump?

Everybody has a different driving style when they get behind the wheel. But are your habits costing you more at the pump?. Whether it's stop-and-go driving or tailgating, here are some things to think about when you hit the road:
- Back off. By looking ahead on the highway and not tailgating, you’ll save more fuel. Excessive breaking is one of the easiest ways to make your car guzzle gas. Coasting up to red lights rather than hitting the gas and breaking is also a smarter choice.
- Plan your errands. Whether it’s a quick stop at the salon or grocery store, each trip adds up. Try to synchronize them to cut down on unnecessary driving.
- Avoid cold starts. Starting a cold car that’s been sitting for four hours or longer requires more fuel than one that’s been sitting for an hour or so. Keeping trips close together makes them more fuel efficient. (Tip: Warming up your car does not help. It actually creates more pollution.)
- Turn it off. Unnecessary idling, whether you’re waiting for someone outside the grocery store or sitting in traffic at a dead stop, is a major gas guzzler.
- Avoid rush hour. When possible, travel outside of peak rush hours, you'll spend less time sitting in traffic and use less fuel.

By keeping these tips in mind, you could save hundreds of dollars a year at the pump!

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